Yet Another Advanced Log Analyser

Yet Another Advanced Log Analyzer

yaala is a very flexible analyser for all kinds of logfiles. It uses parsers to extract information from a logfile, an SQL-like query language to relate the information to each other and an output-module to format the information appropriately.

With yaala one can process just about every logfile produced by a network daemon. Unfortunately I didn't get to write parsers for all formats yet. If you want a special logfile to be supported and can provide me with about 1000-5000 lines of logfiles it's quite likely to happen.. In the meantime the provided parsers show yaala's potential: From web- (CLI, Apache) and proxy-logs (Squid) to DNS- (Bind9) and MTA-logs (Postfix). For a full list of all parsers see the features page.

Since yaala is written in Perl it is supposed to run on any platform which is supported by Perl. I have heard that people have it running under MS Windows, so it really should run everywhere.. It doesn't depend on any external libraries, however for full functionality you might need to install Storable (part of the Perl distribution since version 5.8) and GD::Graph. But this really is optional.

yaala is free software. It is distributed unter the GNU General Public License.